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Gaultes’ origins can be attributed to the Bodrum region of Turkey, but the growth of a demanding market led to their construction in Bozboron, Marmaris, Fethiye and Istanbul. High quality and durable wood like teak, maun and eroko are mainly used to build beautiful and sturdy golds.

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Gault: The most popular type of traditional yacht for the “Blue Cruise” is the Gault. This is a yacht sailing with a large and rounded stern area, well suited for comfortable eating and comfort. Gauls usually have a ketchup (marconi) or tan, with one, two or three front sails. Their length varies from 15 to 55 meters and they accommodate between 6 and 24 people in 3 to 12 cabins with shower and private toilet

Aynakic (Ketch): It has an elevated and uplifting coolness that allows room for more cabins downstairs compared to the Gault. Maybe there is a large parent compartment in the stern. They can accommodate 6 to 24 people in 3 to 12 double cabins with shower and private toilet. They usually strike a ketchup (marconi) and are 15 to 55 feet in size.

Tirhandil: This is the oldest type of local wooden boat with a pointed stern most suitable for sailing in the Aegean waters. Originally there were usually late sailors; Now the package varies from slop to cutter to limb. Their length usually ranges from 11-24 meters and accommodates 6 to 10 people in 3 to 5 double cabins with shower and private toilet.

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Rent a yacht in Gault: Rent a yacht in Gault to enjoy a pampering private vacation at sea with your family and close friends. Whether you choose to rent a traditional, classic, luxury or super luxurious yacht that will fit your budget, you can expect an unforgettable vacation experience that will leave you wanting to return again

Cabin Arts: Couldn’t you rent all the Gault for yourself? Do not worry! You can still make the most of your vacation by renting a cabin to share a beautiful boating experience with your family or friends or expand your network and meet new friends on board!

Facilities in Gault

The design of the traditional Turkish goldsmiths has indeed evolved over the generations and the modern Gault is a luxurious and comfortable blue sailing boat measuring 11 to 55 meters (36-180 feet). The length of the Gault is proportional to the capacity of the passengers. The Goliaths are furnished with great taste and style to offer maximum comfort and facilities to deck passengers. Every standard cabin in Gault has windows, a wardrobe, a mirror, an air conditioning system, a shower and an en suite bathroom. Beautifully furnished master cabins with sofas, dresser, desk and Jacuzzi or hydromassage shower to pamper guests on deck. There are separate cabins for the staff

The deck area is extra spacious and complements the finest sailing equipment, sun mattresses and pillows so that passengers can enjoy an enjoyable vacation at sea! Whether guests want to bask in the sun or enjoy adrenaline pumping at sea, there are all sorts of arrangements available on top of the convention to help them hang out. Passengers נערות ליווי בתל אביב | escort tel aviv | שירותי דרך לרכב can also relax on the large rear deck furnished with a comfortable deck sofa in the back, or enjoy fine dining in spacious living areas in the dining area or simply get organized in the beautiful and fully equipped kitchen.
Safety in Gault

The safety and comfort of passengers are a top priority for the Golts. Each gulet has an abundant storage of fresh water and fuel. In addition, there are VHF radios, GSM devices, navigation and full safety equipment such as life rafts, life jackets and fire extinguishers, as well as a TV and DVD player, refrigerator, ice machine, deep freezer, fully equipped kitchen and joker boat that help curb any crisis and allow you to enjoy From vacation at sea to the end.